Why Invest in Silver Instead of Gold?

Everyone would like to have a certain budget to invest in something that will make them passive income, but there is more to then just having money for investing. Many people go into business just because some offer looks attractive to them. Smart investing is something that is learned for many years, and if you don’t have the knowledge, you can always get an advisor.

Silver and gold were always a great thing to invest in, but between these to it is hard to decide which is better. Even when gold is more expensive there are a lot of advantages silver has. You can find coins in almost every gold shop, but you can find gold or silver bars for sale only in certain shops. Coins are better as a souvenir rather than investment.

Difference in Price

One of the best reasons why people invest in silver instead of gold is the much higher price of gold. The quantity of metals all over the world is falling because we are using too much of it, so at some point, the quantity will be more important than quality. For 1g of gold, you can get 80g of silver which is a big difference in the amount.

The price of gold per gram is around $40 and it will rise every year. A gram of silver is around $0.5. It is much easier to buy a smaller amount many times when it is this cheaper. For an average family, it is harder to make a larger investment in gold.

It is Easier to Liquefy

When the time comes to make your investment profitable and cash out, the silver is much easier to liquefy. When you have a larger amount of 1-ounce silver bars that are lower in value it is naturally easier to liquefy than a small quantity of 1 kg of gold bars. Coins are even easier because they are smaller, but also an important part is when you are trying to sell it, for that amount of silver you won’t have a problem, but you can’t sell half of a gold bar.

Industrial Use

Even the price is much different, we know that silver is more useful. Gold is more beautiful, but they don’t use it in many industries besides investment and jewelry. An interesting statistic that was published by the World Gold Council was that less than 9% of the gold that is in the world was used in the tech industry.

Silver is actually playing a crucial part in many areas in our everyday life. There are over 3000 technologies that need silver in their products and some of them are water purification, radiology, explosives, and circuit boards. The most important industry that is growing rapidly is converting solar energy into electricity. Because you need silver for some parts, you can expect that the value will rise as the industry grows.

Read more about it here: https://geology.com/articles/uses-of-silver/

Smaller Market

Besides having more use in the industry, silver appears to have a much smaller market. This means that silver can change a lot for a little bit a time meaning that it isn’t stable like gold. If there are some big investors, a couple of them can change the value if they put a lot of money in it, and in the other way if they sell a lot it will move the margins.

There is more chance that buying is a better option, so a drop in price would be unexpected. The market will also grow through time, so it matters how fast you act and invest. It is easier to manipulate a smaller market.


A great tip when you are searching where to invest is to look at the ratio between two materials like silver and gold. If you are constantly looking at the margins you can notice at some point when it is the perfect time to invest. At the moment the ratio is 82, which means that 82 troy ounces of silver can buy one troy ounce of gold.

When you check what the margins were a long time ago, you will notice how gold grew constantly which doesn’t mean it will still grow. Many professionals think that the silver is undervalued because they speculate there is 16 times more silver than gold in the earth core.