The Key Features of an Outstanding Security Patrol Software

The purpose of having security guards in your business premises is to ensure the security of your staff and clients as well as protect the building and any other assets. It’s not possible to have security personnel everywhere, every time. Therefore, the guards will have to conduct patrols on different sections of the premises now and then to make sure everything is in order.

A security patrol software helps security firms conduct patrols without getting distracted from their original responsibility — making sure that the staff, guests, and clients’ assets are fully protected. You have to invest in a well-established security patrol software to achieve a high level of security in your premises. Try this solution for better security if you want to provide better services for your clients.

Choosing A Security Patrol Software

If you are considering the installation of a security patrol software in your business premises, you need to ensure that you get the right one. It’s a huge investment, take all the necessary measures to make sure that it works for you. Below are some of the key features a good security patrol software should have.

User Management

A security patrol software should fully automate the process of guard tour management. Besides informing the security company, the software should inform the final client about specific events that affect their set administration roles vis-à-vis their own assets. It should have a multi-branched user management feature to give different levels of access to the system, including guards, clients, sub-companies, administrator companies, etc.

That way, the managing staff can give different permissions and assign roles to other users. All users will have different privileges. The general administrator of the account is the only party that will have access to all areas of the security patrol software.

Advanced Reporting

One of the most critical roles of the security staff is to keep documentation and data reports with regards to emerging alerts or arising problems, occurring incidents, time interval patrols, guard tours, and guard schedules. All these tasks were performed manually in the past, but today, with the help of security technologies such as security patrol software, they can be executed digitally. A good security patrol software should be able to provide advanced reporting as described above.

User Friendly

The goal of a security patrol is to minimize costs and time wastage. However, the software cannot accomplish these tasks if it’s complicated and non-user friendly. Such a software need not be sophisticated and hard to master because it won’t be of any benefit to the company.


A security patrol software should be real-time. This means that it should be able to inform about incidents as they occur. The company should also be able to monitor guard tours and guard positions in real time.

There are other key considerations to make before purchasing a security patrol software. For instance, ensure that its cloud-based. Investing in a good security patrol software can go a long way to ensuring the provision of high-quality services for your clients.