Smart profit protection – auto trading on Forex without using advisors

If investment is a process, then automation is its logical continuation. Forex-robots are automated systems that introduce trading orders instead of a human trader. They are programmed to generate profit by applying certain mathematical rules. The intellect and skill of the forex robot completely depends on its creator. This is not a grail, but a clear calculation – the basis should be a profitable strategy, tested both in history and in real trades.

Trading robots run the programmed procedure under any circumstances. They do not change, revise or adapt the strategy to market conditions, but will try to reduce possible losses in accordance with the instructions of the programmer. A profitable robot, as a rule, needs protection or disguise. This is especially true for trading on the “kitchen” Forex using the terminal Mt4.

Who needs an imitation of manual trading?

The imitation of manual trading is necessary for those who have a proven and automated trading system – if for some reason it can not be used for profit.

What kind of circumstances can this be?

  • Prohibition of trade by advisers;
  • Prohibition of the use of arbitration strategies;
  • Different conditions for the execution of orders for manual and automatic trading;
  • Unclean broker.

Often imitation is required for traders who participate in contests. If in normal circumstances a broker with uncomfortable trading conditions can be changed, then within the tournament this option is not available.

How does the broker know that a trading robot is being used?

To find out that the trade is conducted by an expert, you can by Magic Number open the transaction or specific comments. Magic Number – the identifier in terminals Mt4, according to which the robot distinguishes its positions from others. In manual transactions, its value is zero. Of course, you can write zero as “Magic” to the advisor, but the absolute majority of developers do not set themselves similar tasks, as this imposes a number of restrictions on trade.

Another notable parameter is comments. They determine not only the type of transaction, but also the specific robot that opened it.

How to simulate manual trading?

There are several variants of simulation: from software that disguises robots to scripts-clicks. The method of imitation with the help of opening additional chaotic transactions is also widespread.

As an example, consider the software module MegaClicker – this is an add-on for the terminal from The program is implemented using WinAPI – this allows you to read quotes directly from the screen of the terminal Mt4. To find out more about the simulation of manual trading with it, click here.

What can MegaClicker do:

  • Opening transactions programmatically using the standard option Mt4 “Trade in one click.”
  • Closing positions on the market or setting a locking order.
  • Simulates in the terminal the actions of a living person without using advisers.
  • Emulates manual trading by sending WinAPI signals to MetaTrader 4, as if the trader clicked the Buy or Sell button.
  • There is a choice of longevity, delay of execution and currency pair.
  • Suitable for installation on a VPS.
  • Supports arbitration strategies.
  • Does not require indicators and terminal scripts to work.

MegaClicker can be used even if the ban on automated trading – it is invisible to the broker. To ensure maximum performance when working MegaCliker in arbitrage strategies, it is recommended to rent VPS.

The imitation of manual trading reduces the risk that the broker will be able to interfere with the productive work of the automated system. More information about auto trading can be found on the website.