Learning About the Different Types of Bail Bonds

Having a bail bondsman at your side when you are arrested on new charges is very beneficial if you are looking to be released immediately. After the guards at the jail have booked you in properly, you can make your call to any bail bondsman minneapolis mn to find out if you are approved for bail and what type it will be. Some of the bail bonds that you may be offered are secured, cash, and personal recognizance. If you are facing felony charges, chances are you will not be approved for bail and if you are, the amount for cash bail could be potentially high.


A secured bond does not require you to pay any specific amount of cash to be released from jail, but it does require an amount in which you will have to pay back if you violate. When a violation does occur when you are out on a secured bond, you will be charged with violations of your conditions and asked to pay back the amount of your bail to the courts. If you are unable to pay the amount in full on the due date, you will be asked to set up a payment plan in which you can afford and follow without missing any payments.

A  bail bond is when the bondsman gives you a set cash amount in which you have to pay before being released from the county jail. If you cannot come up with the specified amount, you can have your attorney request a bail hearing to have the amount lowered or the type of bail you are on changed. Keep in mind that when you are on a cash bond and you violate, you will not be able to receive the money-back that you posted upon your release.

Personal Recognizance

Personal recognizance is a bond does not require any form of cash payment; just that you promise to show up to your future hearing. If you fail to make it to your court date after signing your bond, you can be charged with failure to appear or violating your conditions of release. Chances are if you fail to meet the requirements of a PR bond once, you may never be offered it again in the future. Needless to say, before you go ahead and sign off on your bond, ask yourself if you are able to make it to your hearing.

A bail bondsman can give you the freedom you are looking for depending on your charge and how severe it is. If the bondsman feels that you are a flight risk, you may not be approved for any type of bond. If you happen to be one of the lucky individuals who are able to make bail you will be offered secured, cash, or personal recognizance bonds. Once your bond is set and signed by both you and the bondsman, it is up to you to abide by all conditions until your court hearing.