Four Reasons for Churches to Implement Text Giving

Many churches depend upon a large amount of funding through donations. Churches around the nation focus heavily on the power of tradition. It’s understandable to feel at odds about offering new ways for church members to give back. One way to implement new methods of accepting donations is through text giving. Utilizing text giving enables church members to have an easy way to donate. Here are four reasons to implement text giving for your church right away.

Low Cost Investment

Many churches are looking to cut extra costs, whenever possible. You’ll be happy to know that many text-based giving services are available at low costs. Other methods of collecting donations can sometimes come with expensive service costs. No church wants to utilize a collection service that ends up costing a large amount of money. However, paying for having your own text-based giving system is a very minimal fee. If you’re wanting to find out more about what text plan you’ll need, go here.

Easy Method for Members to Donate

It’s understandable to feel at odds about removing a collection plate from services. However, certain members may feel more obligated to donate within the privacy of their mobile device. Nearly everyone has access to a mobile phone. Church members without a phone capable of texting can easily use one from a friend, family member, or fellow churchgoers. The Huffington Post reports that 85{c8ab86843985dd17b7434995d904e58ee7ae990d0b00f935e62facf50064a750} of people donating to charity preferred to donate through using their mobile phones.

Donations Are Received Quickly

Churches depend on donations for a wide range of reasons. It’s understandable that a church will want to receive donations in a fast and reliable manner. Unfortunately, certain giving services impose limits that may mean waiting weeks to receive much-needed donations. Your church appreciates every charitable donation it receives. However, it makes sense that waiting weeks or months to receive donations can feel frustrating. Utilizing text giving helps to ensure your church receives donations in a timely and efficient manner.

Utilize Text System to Update Church Members

It’s great for a church to find ways to accept donations that is easy for members to use. You’ll find that a text-based giving system has another unique benefit. You’ll be able to easily send mass messages to the numbers in your church group. Having easy access to all phone information of church group members makes keeping everyone informed extremely easy. Many churches use text-based alerts to help inform members of sermon time changes and other important events.

In closing, there are several reasons a church should consider text giving. Implementing a text giving service enables users to donate to their church by using their cell phone. A text giving system is a low-cost investment that works well within the needs of many church budgets. Text giving enables churches to receive funds faster than many other collection methods. You’ll find it beneficial to utilize a text-based giving system to keep church members informed of any updates.