Why Custom And Repeat All Your Business Needs To Capture The Client’s Eye

Advertising and marketing is core to any business, whether startup, medium sized or multinational. This is the reason why even the largest multinationals still advertise even the products which they enjoy monopoly. So, which method should you use for advertising your business? There are many ways, but you need to try the custom step and repeat banners.

What is step and repeat?

The step and repeat banner can basically be described as backdrop banner which has logos, vision, mission, product images and other necessary information on it. It is mostly seen behind the celebrities in their photos at top red carpet events. Sounds technical…right? Well, the simplified explanation and definition of the marketer or owner of business as to what a step and repeat banners is that it is an affordable way of increasing awareness of your brand.

It does this by getting the company name and logo featured in the backgrounds of the images which will used in all channels, ranging from newspapers, magazines, brochure, to even social media profile pictures. The step and repeat banner will also add unique hip factor to the event not to mention that it will create the much needed impression of legit company.

 For it to be effective, a step and repeat banner need not be rolled at red carpet event. Instead, you can use then at grand openings, demo days, conventions, trade shows and in any other event where you feel that the presence of your company is needed or should be felt.

How much will it cost?

There is a wrong belief or assumption by owners of start-ups and even large companies that custom step and repeat banners are costly. While it may not be the cheapest option out there, the truth is that the cost of the step and repeat banner depends on two main factors, namely the quality and the material.


The two main choices for the material are fabric or vinyl.


Custom vinyl banners are more common as the material is inexpensive. However, it has drawback that it may give off flare when camera flash comes in contact with it. To mitigate this problem, we now have the matte vinyl. Sometimes, vinyl may also increase creasing and wrinkling and this may cause more flare.


Fabric is a good choice of step and banner as it does not reflect light. However, some cheap sparkle woven monstrosity fabric banners may reflect light. Some fabric materials are totally wrinkle-free.

Other important considerations:

In addition to what is discussed above, you need to consider the following important factors –

  • Size: step and repeat banners are available in many sizes depending on individual needs. Ensure you order a banner which can comfortably display the logo, name of the company and other attributes which you feel are necessary for its marketing. Note that both small and larger step and repeat banners may be suitable or stable depending on various factors. For example, larger banners allow photographing at once of several people or event groups. On the other hand, smaller step and repeat banners can fit in smaller sized spaces such as behind booth at trade shows and are more affordable and portable.
  • Logo: ensure that the logo size is that it can be easily read in the frame.
  • Color: ensure that the color which helps the message clearly pops of the step and repeat background. If the material is prone to glare, such as vinyl, go for slightly grey tint. If you need colored background, go for fabric made banner.

  • Ease of assembly: Ensure that the step and repeat banner is easy to set up, and that after it is set up, it remains sturdy. You definitely do not want it crashing on pe0ple during photo session.
  • Portability: most of the step and repeat banners roll up well for purpose of storage, but depending on size and material, the portability varies. Choose one which can easily be rolled and carried as necessary.