Presentation of Excellence: The Wonders of Whiteboards


Executive board meetings, mergers and acquisition discussions, and business get-togethers all share one thing in common, the whiteboard. Being that the whiteboard is so important for any business meeting or even a classroom, for that matter, let’s take a closer look at just why whiteboards with also great accessories are so important today.
When you walk into a conference room the first thing that you will notice is the whiteboard and sometimes you can’t help but notice smeared marks from the previous user, or you may notice the shape of the board itself is not to your liking or suitability. Therefore, having a well-designed whiteboard as well as markers designed to stand the test of time are so vital for any form of presentation. With some whiteboards residue is often left that requires additional rags, erasers, or liquid solutions. Whiteboards with easily erasable capabilities are so important. Whiteboards have been around since 1960 and that they have undergone so much change since then. For some having chisel tip markers are important while others may prefer round tip but one thing they will share is whether they are easily erased after use. Along with the erase ability comes to order, the toxicity of such markers. Research has shown that markers are often overlooked and that there is a wealth of information out there to be attained surrounding them. We are all used to the traditional smell of a marker being used on a whiteboard for that matter. Some of the most industry-leading companies when it comes down to whiteboard markers are making order free, toxic free, and downright good markers to be used. This is only the beginning because having such a versatile marker makes vivid colors magnificent at first sight.

Aside from the fact that there must be a nicely designed whiteboard as well as the proper accessories going along with it, there is a notable use of whiteboards and that is one of the presentations. If you are a teacher and you have lessons to present to your class or even if you are the presenter of a meeting that includes designs, graphics, or charts that you would want not just a clear whiteboard and highly attractive markers, but you want the ability to make your designs stand out. A presentation of such will linger in the minds of all observers as they witness your marker perfectly drawn lines on a clear surface. Lessons to be learned are more easily assimilated if there is no clutter on the border surrounding such lesson. Now, this can be due to a small board or pictures, etc. So, having a spacious whiteboard cover with the proper accessories will make whatever the presentation is that but more effective.

Collaborations are more effective and thorough with a nicely designed whiteboard along with nice accessories that ensure the accurate depiction of whatever is being discussed in the room. The presentation of excellence starts with the whiteboard.