3 Useful Elements to Incorporate into a Web design!

Last month I went to meet my friend who works for an Auckland based web design agency. Since he has been working in the industry for quite some time, I asked him important aspects of his trade and getting it done correctly.

Here I thought to share some of the knowledge I came to know about with you guys. Read-on if you want to know some insight into the important elements of website designing.

  1. Aesthetics

A website needs to look pleasant aesthetically. Consider a website like a physical store; you definitely want to keep your store updated aesthetically, wouldn’t you? Customers like to shop from good looking and decorative stores. Believe it or not, customers do make a purchase purely on the basis of aesthetics.

Now, your website is just like a physical store where visitors come across to shop for things they are looking for. Just like customers don’t like to enter dirty or too crowded physical stores, they don’t like it either for websites. A business website should be adequately designed keeping in mind the aesthetic point of view.

Bonus Tip: Apart from the usual aesthetic elements like the color the palette, font size, images etc. an important consideration is the use of “White Space”. Tactical use of white space can add unbelievable aesthetic beauty and balance to your website. Make sure you use it wisely for your web design.

  1. Search Function

All superstores have sales assistant who is there to help customers find their desired products, right?

But what about online customers? How can you help them find the right product they are looking for?

Yes! It is the search function integrated into the website design to help visitors reach for the products they have come for.

Look at the search efficiency of Amazon, Google, Mighty Ape NZ or other retail giants. They have some of the best algorithms in place for their search systems and that’s their leverage point.

Remember, on an average visitors spend less than a minute on a website looking for their desired product or services. If they are unable to find what they are looking for, they swiftly shift to some other website (there are literally hundreds of online businesses offering similar products/services). So, you just have that one minute to convert visitors to customers and a well-integrated search function is your efficient sales assistant in here!

  1. Content

The website design and search functionality will be able to hold on the visitors for a longer time on your website. However, it is the quality of content that will actually compel them to make a purchase. Content for the website should be written tactically keeping in mind the customer’s preferences, insight into the products or services as well as marketing tone.

Furthermore, you should update fresh content over your website periodically, adding fresh information about your services or products. This will not only help you to rank high and drive more traffic to your site but also help build a loyal customer base who rely on your information and knowledge.

The Final Word:

Before you get into technical tidbits of web designing, it is important to keep an insightful eye towards the market trends and customers’ preferences. The web design needs to incorporate the aesthetical beauty, high quality researched content and a well-integrated search function to help increase conversion optimization rates and thus revenues out of the business.