3 Questions Recruiters Can Ask to Understand Job Candidates Better

As a recruiter, you’re more likely to attract the best candidates if you understand them. The more you know about each candidate you interview, the easier it will be to present your company as the right fit. Here are three questions recruiters can ask to understand job candidates better.

  1. What Do You Want from a Job?

Everyone is motivated by something, and you’ll have an easier time hiring new employees once you understand what they want from a new job. For example, is the candidate you’re interviewing looking for a pay increase over a previous job, or is he or she more motivated by opportunities for upward growth? Once you find out what motivates the candidate, you’ll be able to appeal to his or her wants when you make a job offer.

  1. How Do You Work Best?

Some people work best when they’re part of a team while others are more productive if left alone. It’s important to find out how each job candidate works best so you can figure out if he or she would be a good fit for the company you’re representing.

  1. What Is Your Commute Like?

The best finance recruiters know how important commute is for candidates. If the candidate is facing a long, difficult commute, consider ways you can offer compensation. You might consider providing slightly increased pay, gas credits or the opportunity to work from home one or two days per week. If the commute is good, use it as a selling point.

Seal the Deal

In addition to the three questions already mentioned, it’s also important to ask about salary and benefits expectations. The more you understand about what each candidate is looking for, the easier it will be to present your company as a desirable fit. If you have job opportunities in finance, using a reputable hiring agency like Beacon Resources can make it easier for you to find qualified candidates.